The Manc - Government orders 10,000 new Dyson ventilators amid coronavirus crisis"

Government orders 10,000 new Dyson ventilators amid coronavirus crisis

Dyson/PA Media

The UK government has ordered 10,000 ventilators.

Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it has been announced that the UK government placed an order for 10,000 new ventilators which will be manufactured by British engineering company, Dyson.

Dyson, which is most known for its vacuum cleaners, is manufacturing a design for a new type of ventilator in response to a call from the NHS.

The company is working with Cambridge-based medical business, The Technology Partnership, to manufacture the ventilators required.

James Dyson, entrepreneur and Founder of Dyson Ltd, has said that "the race is on" to manufacture the new ventilators to meet the urgent demand the country is currently faced with.


The NHS currently has a total of just over 8,000 ventilators, but the number of ventilators required to deal with this crisis is thought to be closer to 30,000.

The ventilators are primarily being manufactured at Dyson's UK base in Wiltshire and the company is believed to have engineers working round the clock to produce the ventilators from scratch.

It is said that a prototype for human testing is to be ready soon, pending all necessary regulatory approval.

The news, however, hasn't come without controversy, with plenty of people speaking out on Twitter this morning.

Despite the controversy, if these ventilators save lives, then that is all that matters, for now.

For the latest instructions and information on the coronavirus pandemic, see the official government website here.

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