The Manc - Greggs boss responds to Coronavirus outbreak"

Greggs boss responds to Coronavirus outbreak


The company 'would pay staff who need to self-isolate' with Coronavirus.

Greggs has confirmed that should any of its staff members display symptoms of Corornavirus, it would pay them whilst they self-isolate.

Speaking to BBC’s ‘Today’ series, CEO Roger Whiteside continued to add that Greggs' policy could be further reviewed if Coronavirus became a "big problem".

With the number of Coronavirus diagnosis’ in the UK continuing to rise each day, many companies are now being asked to clarify their stance on potential staff sickness if the need to self-isolate should arise.


It has also prompted the hashtag #SelfIsolation to trend on Twitter in the UK.

This excellent response follows on from earlier reports that Greggs chose to share out their whopping £7m in bonus money with staff after “exceptional” year in 2019.

With this decision being quite the contrast to that of various other UK companies, we have to say, it’s an elbow-bump from us Greggs!

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