Iceland reportedly bringing out an exclusive range of Barratt ice lollies

Iceland Foods

An anticipated re-invention of some much loved classics.

It's an uncertain time at the moment, but one thing we can be sure of is that Iceland is about to make your summer a whole lot better this year.

First posted in the popular Facebook group 'Snack Reviews' and now beginning to gain traction elsewhere on social media, pictures have been shared teasing four new ice lollies based off Barratt retro sweets and people have really gone mad for them.

The UK's leading frozen foods chain has taken a trip back in time by re-inventing some classic British sweets into frozen desserts and they are set to hit stores soon.

This Iceland exclusive range is believed to consist of Fruit Salad, Black Jack, Sherbet Dib Dab and Flump ice lollies.

Iceland Foods

Barratt sweets, which this new line of ice lollies is based off, are some of the best sellers in the UK and have been much loved by all for decades.

The company Barratt Sweets was founded in Shoreditch by George Osborne Barratt in 1848.

'Black Jack' and 'Fruit Salad' launched in 1920 and the 'Sherbet Dib Dab' in 1940.

According to rumours circulating around online, this range of retro ice lollies will be available from Iceland stores up and down the country on 20th April 2020, however we have been unable to find a source which officially confirms this date as of yet.

We expect Iceland will be making an announcement on it very soon.

It's probably best to keep your eye on the Iceland website for updates, but until then, we're off to the shop to buy a Sherbet Dib Dab.

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