The Manc - Iceland open store an hour early for the elderly only"

Iceland store opens an hour early for the elderly to do their shopping


Everyone online appears to agree that panic buying in the current climate is wrong. But, alas, there appears to be less on the shelves every single day. 

Sadly, those left without are the people who need these essentials more than most.

Supermarkets have collectively pleaded with customers to stop purchasing more than they need, but now one budget store is taking a new step.

An Iceland in Northern Ireland is opening its doors at 8am just for the elderly.

Christopher Corneschi/Wikimedia Commons

The supermarket released a statement explaining their motive behind the move.

It reads: "Iceland Foods will be opening their store between 8-9am for the elderly commencing Tuesday 17th March.

"Could the wider public please respect this hour, and understand that this time is allocated for elderly people only.

"Iceland appeal to peoples better nature when realising who needs priority."

It is not yet known whether Iceland will roll out the concept to other stores in Northern Ireland or England.

Wikimedia Commons

Items such as toilet paper, pasta and tinned goods have been in short supply over the past week, and whilst the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has assured the public there's enough to go around during the coronavirus crisis, he has warned against stocking up.

He encouraged people to only buy "what they need" in order to minimise the "impact on others".

COVID-19 cases continue to rise, with more than 1,300 reported in the UK with 35 confirmed deaths as of 16 March.

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