Liam Gallagher tweets that he is ‘retiring as solo artist to reform Oasis with Noel’


Liam Gallagher has just sent twitter into a frenzy with what may become his biggest tweet ever.

The former Oasis frontman just took to the social platform and announced his alleged retirement from solo work after his third album – in order to reform Oasis with his brother Noel.

He tweeted: "I intend to retire as solo artist after album no3 as I have just had a call from my brother begging me to start oasis again in 2022 if you believe in life after love c’mon you know LG x"

The tweet has already generated over 7,000 likes in a matter of minutes with thousands of responses from fans. But at this point, it is worth noting that this could be one massive joke, which isn't uncommon for Liam on Twitter.

However, the former frontman has been dropping hints recently that him and Noel could possibly be on the way to burying the hatchet.


The brothers played their last gig together back in 2009, a whopping ten years ago, so in 2020 – the start of a new decade – it would be the perfect time to let fans know that there could be one last hurrah for the band.

And if it does happen, it will be the most unexpected thing to happen in British music since Aitch went from Moston street corners to a number one with Ed Sheeran.

Please let it be true.

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