Local chef raises £29,000 after his catering van was set alight in ‘racist attack’

A fundraiser set up for a local entrepreneur who had his catering van stolen and then set alight in “racist attacks” has raised almost £30,000.

David Kamson, a chef who runs Moston Suya, was devastated to find his food truck burned to the ground earlier this week – destroying the vehicle and thousands of pounds’ worth of equipment inside.

The business owner described the arson as an “act of hate” – but now the wider community has come together to raise nearly £30,000 to get him back on his feet.

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I am a Descendant of Noble Kings .. I Humble myself and Serve My Community … I worked Hard 3 years 9 months.. I saved money .. no social – bought a catering Trailer for £3000 pounds Spent £438 pounds to bring down from Canterbury Kent to Manchester . So I can serve food in a decent In a decent environment for my community. Some Racist Thief in Moston Named Craig Don’t like the idea of a Black Man Doing Such Business in Moston So he stole the Catering trailer .. sold equipments over £5000 and damage the inside for Fun One Month Later it was found with Him in Blackley Charles town Road Police tried to arrest him , he lied he bought it and couldn’t provide any proof who sold it to him .. He was not charged or disturbed I see him around and I just ignore him I’m a community Lad … known for Huslte and funny vibes 2 days ago on Hartley street this same Craig guy drove pass me and say to me fucking black immigrants come in Moston to do business like they own it.. he went ahead to tell me that trailer should have been his and his boys eyes are on it That was 2 days ago This morning I woke up late at about 10am and I went into the post office where the cashier was telling me oh my God what happened to your trailer , I said nothing is wrong with it it’s fine .. the council loves it and I have just fixed it back and bought back tools in it … He screen nooooo , it’s burnt down to ashes .. I said no , maybe people burn things beside it He said no , I didn’t even mind him because I started laughing So I went to check on £3000 trailer with £2200 worth of equipment Gone in ashes with some things missing … which means it was robbed before burnt This Act of Hate should not be allowed in Moston . This is hateful and sad … All the kids that gets chicken from me , all the street homeless and beggars I give food to Most are not black , I have no colour black or white … I am a community man and should be treated as one , I kept trying to feed myself and shelter my soul .. Someone is hating in Corner I leave this to God , That trailer was God’s gift to me to get out of Hunger . Somebody burn it . #SayNotoRacism

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He sent me back to zero start…. #saynotoracism

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Mr. Kamson had put money aside for nearly four years to buy the catering van – which was stolen before later being set ablaze.

The owner was left “heartbroken” by the attack.

Describing the incident on Instagram, Mr. Kamson wrote: “I worked hard 3 years 9 months.. I saved money… no social – bought a catering Trailer for £3000 pounds. Spent £438 pounds to bring down from Canterbury Kent to Manchester. So I can serve food in a decent environment for my community.”

The response from his neighbours, however, has been nothing short of incredible.

A GoFundMe page originally had an aim to generate £6,000, but has managed to raise almost five times the target within 24 hours.

You can view the fundraiser here.

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