The Manc - Manchester City fans travel 3,000 miles for postponed game"

Manchester City fans travel 3,000 miles for postponed game

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It's a deflating feeling when a football match is cancelled just minutes before kick-off. 

You've had a big fry-up with a couple of beers and there's excitement coursing through your veins... only for this great feeling to melt away when "MATCH OFF" flashes across your team's Twitter account.

So, spare a thought for Matt Renninger - the American-based Man City supporter who flew 3,000 miles and spent $3,000 on tickets and travel for the Blues' postponed clash with West Ham on Sunday.

Family photo

The Rhode Island native had travelled across the Atlantic with his wife Missy to see City for the first time. But he was left beside himself when a statement released just before 1pm confirmed the fixture was off due to "extreme and escalating weather conditions" caused by Storma Ciara.

Matt said he was left "devastated" by the news and admitted "there were tears".


Nevertheless, despite being unable to fulfil the "bucket list" dream of watching Sergio Aguero, Matt and Missy did at least manage to catch one game of football over the weekend.

The pair decided to visit Moss Lane to watch a National League North clash between Altrincham and Kettering on the Saturday, which ended 1-1.

Every cloud, eh?

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