Manchester Council invites public to name new fleet of electric bin lorries

Manchester City Council is rolling out a brand new fleet of electric bin lorries across the region - and Mancs are being asked to name them.

The Manc The Manc - 11th February 2021
Manchester City Council

Binny MancBinFace. Bin Diesel. Sparkus Trashford.

These are just some of the early contenders being put forward as suggested names for Manchester’s brand new bin lorries.

Manchester City Council has declared it is ‘binning carbon’ by switching to emission-free vehicles, which are set to be rolled out across the region in due course.

Before they appear on streets, however, the council wants the public to give these big yellow lorries a name.

Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, executive member for neighbourhoods at Manchester council, said: “With their distinctive yellow livery proudly proclaiming ‘Manchester’s Binning Carbon’ you won’t be able to miss the new electric bin lorries doing their rounds across the city.


“But the only difference residents will notice to their collections is that the electric vehicles are quieter and cleaner.

“We’re sure Mancunians will take them to their hearts and that will be reflected in some memorable suggestions for names.”

Mancs can submit their ideas by tweeting the hashtag #mccBinLorryComp.