Manchester named one of the UK’s ‘most creative’ cities for 2024

We're just full of bright ideas.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 11th June 2024

Manchester has been named one of the top 10 ‘most creative’ cities in the UK for 2024, according to a new study.

We all know Manchester is mint, and a handful of recent studies and surveys have bestowed us with shiny titles such as one of the ‘most desired’ places to live in the UK, the city that’s home to the UK’s ‘smartest’ people, and even one of the best cities to visit in the world in 2024, to prove it.

But now, we’ve got ourselves a new crown… and this is definitely one to wear with pride.

Our city has gifted the world so much throughout history, from the splitting of the atom, the right for women to vote, and the first ever computer, right through to the NHS, the iconic ‘Madchester’ music scene, and even the beloved delicacy that is Vimto, so perhaps it goes without saying that we’d be considered one of the UK’s creative capitals, right?

The fact us Mancs consider our city to be creative has now been backed-up by a new study carried out by Adobe Express – which has placed us not just within the top 15 or top 10, but in the top five.


To create the ranking, Adobe Express compared 25 UK cities against each other and looked into factors such as the number of art galleries and museums, creative festivals and events, the amount of art schools, the volume of theatres, and the number of jobs listed in the ‘creative’ field.

Top 10 most ‘creative’ UK cities in 2024

  1. Brighton and Hove
  2. London
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Manchester
  5. Leicester
  6. Coventry
  7. Derby
  8. Bournemouth
  9. Belfast
  10. Bradford

Jobs in ‘creative’ industries currently represent around 7% of the UK workforce, according to recent statistics, and Adobe Express says that living in a city which supports creativity can “significantly enhance” the ability to “thrive and produce innovative work” for creative individuals.

Our city’s new title is all according to a new study carried out by Adobe Express / Credit: Marketing Manchester

Brighton and Hove has been named the UK’s most creative city thanks to having an unrivalled number of more than 26 art galleries per 100,000 people, while England’s capital unsurprisingly claims the second spot on the list and boasting the highest number of creative jobs in the ranking, and Scotlands stunning capital, Edinburgh, snatching third place.

Manchester follows really closely behind Edinburgh and sits pretty within the top five, scoring an impressive overall 1.910.

The city has 65 art schools, 882 creative jobs listed, and 815 events and festivals to its name.


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Some of the other Northern cities making the top 10 list include Bradford and Derby, and elsewhere within the top 15 is where you’ll find Liverpool and Sheffield.

Featured Image – KCH / The Refuge (via Supplied)