Manchester’s Deaf Institute and Gorilla are closing down indefinitely


Two of Manchester’s adored music venues are closing their doors for good.

Deaf Institute and Gorilla have both announced that they will close down and will not reopen after struggling to see a future after the coronavirus pandemic.

The two stalwarts of Manchester’s nightlife have stood firm for many years, but bosses at Mission Mars, the company behind both venues, confirmed the news today after weeks of rumours.

Deaf Institute

Roy Ellis, CEO and founder of Mission Mars said: “The Deaf Institute and Gorilla have been at the forefront of the music scene in Manchester for many years and it is with great sadness that we announce that we will not be reopening.

“This difficult decision has been made against the backdrop of COVID 19 and the enforced closure of all of our sites and with continued restrictions upon opening of live music venues.

“We appreciate that these music destinations are well loved and have provided an early stage for many acts in the North West and are therefore well known in the world of music.

“We would encourage any industry and music entrepreneurs who might be interested in this as an opportunity to please get in touch.

“We are extremely grateful to our hardworking teams and guests and followers for their loyal support over years.”


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