Marcus Rashford launches book club to show children the power of reading


Marcus Rashford has launched a book club to promote reading to children – offering youngsters the kind of “escapism” he could never afford in his youth.

The Manchester United striker has teamed up with Macmillan Children’s Books (MCB) to create the scheme – which aims to advocate the power of reading to children of all backgrounds.

“My books are, and always will be, for every child,” Rashford said.

“Even if I have to deliver them myself. We will reach them.”

The first book in the scheme has been written in collaboration with The Athletic journalist Carl Anka and performance psychologist Katie Warriner, titled: You Are A Champion: Unlock Your Potential, Find Your Voice And Be The Best You Can Be.

According to Sky News, each chapter will contain a story from Rashford’s life and will encourage children to learn more about culture, education, positivity and female role models.

The footballer already has plans to release two further books in the future.

Rashford, who only began reading frequently when he was 17, said the habit “completely changed” his outlook in life, and wishes he could have discovered books at an earlier age.

“I just wish I was offered the opportunity to really engage with reading more as a child, but books were never a thing we could budget for as a family when we needed to put food on the table,” said the footballer.

“There were times where the escapism of reading could have really helped me. I want this escapism for all children. Not just those that can afford it.

“We know there are over 380,000 children across the UK today that have never owned a book, children that are in vulnerable environments.

“That has to change.”