Marcus Rashford’s huge £400 million triumph over the Gov is just the beginning of the fight

Akse P-19 paints a mural of Rashford in Withington

Marcus Rashford scored two huge victories over the weekend.

The first was an impressive 3-1 triumph at Goodison Park; where the striker helped his club grab three precious Premier League points.

But an even bigger win was waiting for the Manchester United striker when he got off the pitch.

As he dusted himself down after the match in Merseyside, Rashford’s phone rang – and the Prime Minister was on the other end of the line.

He told the footballer that his campaign to help children and families was now being considered – with over £400 million provided to low-income households as part of a winter grant scheme.

A big, big win.

During the crucial phone call, Boris Johnson explained to Rashford that the government would be providing funding from the start of December until the end of March.

£170m will be distributed through councils, with 80% put aside for help with food and bills. The holiday food and activities programme will receive £220m investment, with £16m given to food banks.

Initially, the government had voted against Rashford’s new campaign – which asked for a further expansion of free school meals; food and activities during all holidays; and to increase the value of Healthy Start vouchers to at least £4.25 per week.

But for the second time, Rashford has gotten ministers to change their tune.

The footballer convinced parliament to provide free school meals throughout the summer, and now he’s encouraged ministers to climb down from their commitment to Universal Credit – which they’d previously insisted was the best approach to help low-income families.

According to Rashford, the new fund would support £1.7 million children in England.

“We asked for three things,” said the footballer.

“They [the government] managed to u-turn on two and they’re willing to sit down and discuss the third.”

Rashford said he thanked the PM on behalf of the families for his support, but he isn’t stopping just yet.

The United star said that another 1.7 million would still miss out “because their income isn’t quite low enough” to qualify for funding.

Rashford added: “I now call on the government to collaborate with the Child Food Poverty Taskforce”.

“I am fully committed to this cause, and I will fight for the rest of my life for it,” Rashford stated.

“Because in my mind, no child should ever go hungry in the United Kingdom.”

His fight isn’t over.