A mobile vet is service going the extra mile to help pets around Greater Manchester and Cheshire


Danny Jones Danny Jones - 19th January 2024

A local mobile vet service is set to change animal healthcare in 2024, offering an unparalleled callout service to pet owners and their furry friends around Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Veterinarian Luke Ainsworth and his pioneering new company, My Visit Vet, are aiming to deliver the very best and most compassionate pet healthcare to locals in the comfort of their own home, with a new and improved approach to the mobile vet service.

Having assembled a small but heavily-quailified staff with well over two decades of experience combined, as well a USP that no other veterinary practice in the region can offer, we couldn’t help but shout about this bloke and the crucial service he is bringing to the people of Manchester and beyond.

We’ll happily celebrate anyone who dedicates their lives to looking after our good boys and girls.

Now, while many of you might be rightly pointing out that mobile vets and home visits have existed for a long while now and wondering what exactly it is that Luke and his team do that sets them apart, the answer is quite simply this: pretty much everything.


After transforming a standard Fiat Ducato van into a fully operational veterinary surgery, complete with lab equipment, an ultrasound machine, anaesthesia and even x-ray capabilities, this is the most extensive mobile vet service you’ll find anywhere in the region.

These lot do more than just knock on your door for a quick check-up — but, to be fair, they do that too.


It cost the 20-year vet (pun intended) a whopping £30,000 to get his mobile vet van up to very highest standards and since first rolling out on to the roads back in August, they haven’t looked back.

Having worked both in UK and over in Australia since 2005, as well as witnessing first-hand the stress and various difficulties that can result from a trip to the vets, especially during the pandemic, he observed a massive increase in the demand for home visits.

Having the vet come to you alwso massively helps with separation anxiety. It’s estimated that roughly 74% of dogs show behaviour indicating anxiety or depression, making visits to the docs extra tough and 57% of cat owners say they do not visit the vet as often as they would like, with 25% stating the stress of the visit as the main reason.


But, more importantly, the numbers we really care about are that My Visit Vet can offer 90% of the services available at traditional practices, from simple consultations and vaccinations to operations and even compassionate end of life care, which so many owners hope to carry out at home.

One of Luke’s recent success stories is female cat Madin, who would previously become so distressed about going to the vets that she’d vomit. Thanks to his home visit, though, this paw-ly patient has been able to calmly receive her monthly arthritis injections in the comfort of her own home.

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With the help Veterinary Nurse Mel Evans and Receptionist Amy Lee, Luke has been out on the road for the past few months and slowly building a steady but solid cient base around Greater Manchester and Cheshire from their home base in Chorlton.

Better still, now they’re into a ryhtmn and the word is out, My Visit Vet will be offering their full range of services from this month and you can check out their website to find out more information HERE.

For extra peace of mind, My Visit Vet are offering the out of hours service, Vidivet, free of charge to clients. Via the animal healthcare app, pet owners can have access to a vet at any time of day or night.


So if you have a pet that isn’t so keen on a trip to the vets, why not swap things around and have the vet come to them?

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Featured Images — My Visit Vet (supplied)