Most Brits ‘don’t care’ about the King’s coronation, according to latest survey

The King coronation is obviously a notable moment in history, but is the interest actually there?

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 18th April 2023

With King Charles III’s Coronation now just a few weeks away, we’re sure you’re all excitedly making plans for the bank holiday and keeping your fingers crossed for nice weather.

However, while you and the rest of the UK might be buzzing about the extra bit of time off this May, it seems that most of the country isn’t actually that bothered about the event itself.

According to a recent YouGov survey, the majority of Brits simply “don’t care” about the King’s coronation and

Taking data from over 3,000 adults surveyed, the market research company found that 35% of the people “don’t care very much” about the coronation and a further 29% “don’t care at all” — these being the two most prominent responses.

The stats seem to suggest people just don’t really care that much about the King’s coronation.

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As you can see, just 9% of participants answered that they actually care “a great deal” about the landmark event in British history which for the majority of the population will be the first coronation of a monarch in their lifetime.


In contrast, the data showed that those who did care naturally skewed towards the older age groups, with 32% of those aged 65 and over stating that they cared “a fair amount”, and a further 14% caring a great deal.

On the other hand, a sizeable chunk (35%) of over-65s said that they don’t care very much about the coronation —even more so than those aged 25-49, in fact — suggesting that perhaps the sentiment towards the Royal Family has shifted altogether, regardless of generation.


Nevertheless, 27% of people surveyed said they were still fairly likely to watch the historic moment on Saturday, 6 May and take part in the celebration somehow. Will you be watching or are you just not that bothered either?

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Featured Image — The Royal Family (via Twitter)/NDLA