M&S is now selling eggs entirely made of cheese


Well, that’s a new one.

Cheese lovers across the UK, this one’s for you.

Just in time for Easter, M&S is now selling eggs that are made entirely of cheese.

If you’re looking for more of a unique alternative to the chocolate kind of egg stocked on the shelves this time of year, then you’ll want to get yourself to your nearest M&S branch. Perhaps not ideal for the health conscious or those on a diet, but surely a winner for those with a savoury inclination over a sweet tooth.

The new eggs are made with Barber's Farmhouse Cheddar, contain a yolk made of vintage 18-month matured Red Leicester and are wrapped in a duck egg blue wax as the shell.

A box of six eggs will set you back £8.50.


That’s not all though, for serious cheese fans, they’re also selling a 300g ‘Big Cheesy Egg’, which is around the same size as a goose egg.

M&S product developer, Rosie Eiduks, says: "Delicious as it is, we know not everyone loves chocolate, and that the nation is actually divided between Team Sweet and Team Savoury”.

“Those with a more savoury-tooth can sometimes feel left out of the fun at Easter, so this year, we wanted to create a must-have gift for cheese lovers too”.

These cheesy eggs will go on sale on Wednesday 18th March at M&S stores up and down the country.

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