New OneGM campaign to ‘go beyond’ government support and help prevent hardship in Manchester

Andy Burnham, Gary Neville and Tim Heatley are among the many big names in Greater Manchester coming together for the new OneGM campaign – which has been created to provide essential support to the region under Tier 3 restrictions.

Greater Manchester is set to receive around £65 million to keep the local economy ticking over – significantly less than what leaders argue is necessary.

In order to provide help that “goes beyond the package of government support,” some of the region’s most influential people are now uniting for OneGM.

A press conference confirming the launch of OneGM took place on Tuesday (27 October).

Leaders across sectors announced their intention to contribute, including Chris Oglesby, CEO of Bruntwood; former Manchester United footballer and businessman, Gary Neville; award-winning actor, Julie Hesmondhalgh; Right Reverend Dr David Walker, Bishop of Manchester; and Lucy Danger, CEO of EMERGE.

Others included Diane Modahl, Chair of the Greater Manchester Young Person’s Task Force and Trustee of the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity; Karina Jadhav, Founder and Owner of Menagerie bar and restaurant; and Liz Taylor, CEO of corporate events company TLC Ltd.

Burnham stated: “While we didn’t get all the support from Government we asked for, I want to reassure everyone that I will do everything I can to help those suffering from hardship so people can live their lives with as much dignity and comfort they deserve.

“I’m humbled to see so many people come together under the oneGM campaign to unite the city-region and provide whatever support people need. We are all committed to making sure our economy and people come out of this pandemic ready to thrive and I hope others will join us too.”

Hotel Football and Salford City FC owner Neville added that “the business community in Greater Manchester is working closely together to establish a sustainable way forward.”

“We cannot continue with inconsistent and reactive direction,” said the ex-United star.

“It’s draining the confidence of many and causing great distress.”

Chair of the Mayor’s Charity, Tim Heatley said that it was “right all sectors come together and do whatever we can to help those who need it most.”

“Our new fundraising drive aims to get local support to those hardest hit by the economic impact of Covid by tackling food poverty, supporting those experiencing or at risk of homelessness to providing mental health support,” Heatley said.

“I would urge anyone who wants to help to donate whatever they can and be part of the oneGM campaign.”

Learn more about the OneGM campaign online.

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