New to Vaping? Here Are Some Tips to Improve Your Vaping Experience

Here are some useful tips to help improve your vaping experience, especially if you are new to it.

The Manc The Manc - 13th July 2021

Whether you consider it a healthier alternative to smoking, would like to use it to quit smoking or find it a fun way to pass some time, vaping has become very popular.

While the market has lots of options when it comes to vaping products, it is up to the user to create great experiences. Here are some useful tips to help improve your vaping experience, especially if you are new to it.

Learn How Vaping Devices Work

When you are new to vaping you might find the equipment, vape liquids and jargon confusing. It is always a good idea to take the time to understand how vaping devices work if you would like to have a great experience. Understanding how the device works will make it easier to maintain it, clean it and ensure you always have a great experience when you use it. It will also help you identify any potential issues with your device so it is easier to diagnose and troubleshoot so you can continue enjoying your vape.

Invest in High-quality Vape Liquids


A lot of your experience will depend on the vape liquid you purchase. Even when you have a high-end vape, you are unlikely to enjoy the experience if the vape liquid does not match up.

Investing in high-quality vape liquids ensures you end up with products that have a great flavour. High-quality liquids retain their taste and sweet aroma even after they have been vaporised, compared to low-quality vape liquids that change their taste once they are vaporised.


Investing in high-quality vape liquids also ensures you get the exact amount of nicotine you were promised. Low-quality liquids might have lower-than-advertised nicotine levels leading to a frustrating experience, or they may have too much nicotine leading to nausea and headaches.

Some cheaper and low-quality vape liquids contain additives that might be harmful and this is the exact thing you probably wanted to avoid when you switched to vaping.

Clean the Tank and Coil


It is quite common to switch flavours when vaping. This may be because you are bored with the flavour you have been using or would like to try something new. Whatever the case, it is important to clean the coil and the tank when switching flavours. This is because mixing different flavours will lead to an unpleasant or strong mix of flavours that will ruin your experience. That said, you can also check whether the old and new flavours are compatible because some flavours can mix to produce wonderful, flavourful concoctions.

Apart from avoiding mixing of flavours, cleaning your tank and coil is a part of the regular maintenance of your e-cigarette.

Be Considerate of Others

While you might enjoy vaping, the people around you or in the same environment as you might not. It is therefore important to be considerate of others if you would like to have a good experience. Not doing so could result in being kicked out of an establishment, not being invited over ever again or at least getting some dirty looks from those around you.

If you can, try to move away from others when vaping or do it in a private space. This is especially true for sub ohm vaping that produces a lot of vapour that fills a room rather quickly. To help you have the best vaping experience, this guide will help you know when and where it is appropriate to vape, how to be considerate towards others as well as how to maintain vaping etiquette. The linked guide was put together by AquaVape, one of the UK’s largest vape liquid and vaping accessories retailers. AquaVape is dedicated to selling the best vape liquids and hardware to ensure you have a great vaping experience. They have a wide selection of e-liquids and vaping hardware to choose from, perfect for whether you are a beginner or a vaping veteran.


Experiment with Flavours

The flavour in your vape liquid can change the experience you have. With hundreds of flavours now available in the market, there is no reason why you cannot take some liberty to experiment and try some new ones. Shake things up and improve your vaping experience at the same time with new flavours!

Manage Your Vape Liquid

Before you start vaping, it is always a good idea to shake the e-cigarette. This ensures that all ingredients are mixed up nicely and can make a huge difference in the vaping experience. Also, ensure that the vape bottle is never left open for extended periods. Doing so leaves it exposed to the oxygen in the air and that can lead to changes in both the taste and aroma profiles.

You should also ensure that your e-liquid is never stored anywhere near direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can break down the vape liquid, making it taste worse and reducing its efficacy. If you purchase vape liquid in a box or carton, ensure that you return it to the box and that any unopened bottles remain in the carton until they are ready to be used.


Do Not Use Vapes with Plastic Tanks

When you are new to vaping, you might want to save some money by purchasing cheaper e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes often come with plastic tanks and choosing these electronic cigarettes is a bad idea. This is because the plastic tank might not be able to resist damage done by vape liquids that contain any acids. This is especially true if you prefer vape liquids with a citrus or menthol flavour. The acid in these flavours can interact with the colouring used in the plastic, thereby degrading the taste of the e-cigarette.

To avoid any flavour changes as well as interactions between the tank and your vape liquids, go for e-cigarettes with a glass tank. These vapes might be more expensive but they are better suited if you love strong, pure flavours.

Learn How to Take Care of the Battery

There are few things more frustrating when trying to vape than finding out that your battery has died. Your vape’s battery can die due to normal discharging or it can die due to not being taken care of properly. The first step in taking care of your e-cig battery is to ensure that it is always charged before use, especially when the e-cig is new and you have just assembled it. After the initial charge, it is always a good idea to let the battery drain fully before the second charge.


Also, try not to overcharge the battery. Just like any other battery, the battery in your e-cigarette will be damaged by overcharging which will reduce its life and force you to find a replacement way before the battery’s end-of-life date.

Change Coils Regularly

Coils are the elements that heat the vape liquid to turn it into the vapour that you inhale. A coil with a film on it can lead to less efficient operation. Because the coil cannot be washed and reused, since it will burn out if you do this, replace the coil when you notice a change in flavour instead.

Vaping can be a great experience but it can be ruined by a few things. These can include not taking care of your e-cigarette, choosing the wrong flavour as well as not having vaping etiquette. Improving on the areas discussed above should make your vaping experience a lot better.