Northern Rail need train drivers – and there are jobs going right now

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It should come as no surprise that Northern rail service need train drivers. 

The reasons for delays and cancellations on the lines are often related to low numbers of staff.

Now, in an attempt to bulk up their roster and improve service, the travel provider is encouraging people to come forward and join their driver training programme.

Northern is offering 23k+ as a starting salary for trainees, with wages steadily rising beyond the 50k mark after three years in the job full-time.

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A full crash course (or perhaps 'intense training period' is a more suitable description here) is offered, so you won't need to have any previous experience.

The advertisement, posted by Northern on Facebook, states: "As a Train Driver it’s your responsibility to ensure our customers reach their destination in a safe manner and on time. Our drivers work hard to maintain high levels of route and train knowledge to ensure that safety is kept at the forefront of our operations.

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"Although most of the time you will be working on your own in the driver’s cab, you will need to be able to communicate effectively with others in the wider team, including your Conductor, Dispatch and Control colleagues, and of course our customers."

There is a Northern training academy right here in Manchester - where you will take part in a variety of practical exercises and theory assessments.

Find out more by checking out the job posting here.

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