Pet owners warned to ‘be vigilant’ after rescue home finds resident cat beheaded

Poppy's body was found, but her head is still missing.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 25th March 2024

A local cat shelter in Oldham has shared that one of their resident cats has been murdered, after her decapitated body was found near the rescue centre.

Oldham Cats has urged pet-owners to ‘be vigilant’ after the shocking incident, which left their ‘precious girl’ Poppy dead.

The 13-year-old tabby had been a resident of the shelter since May 2019 and has been described as ‘the sweetest, most gentle and loving of creatures’.

In a ‘very distressing’ post shared on Facebook, Oldham Cats said that Poppy’s decapitated body had been found close to the shelter on Wednesday evening.

They also said that her head has still not been found.


The shelter wrote: “It angers, sickens and breaks our hearts that Poppy was beheaded and her head is still missing.”

Oldham Cats also said that they are now locking their remaining resident cats inside in the evenings for their own safety.


A JustGiving page has been set up for donations, which will go to building a ‘catio’ – a safe space added to the main building where the cats can be kept at night.

The new space will be named Poppy’s Palace in her honour.

Oldham Cats said: “Please do be vigilant with your own cats within the vicinity of this area. No animal should have to endure what our sweet little Poppy was subject to.


“Understandably, all our volunteers are heartbroken beyond belief: traumatised, angry and shocked by such an horrific act of animal cruelty.

“Poppy was so innocently sweet, we’d all become her family over the years…her whole world.

“Good night and God bless you Poppy, our forever angel. You’ll forever be in our hearts.”

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Featured image: Oldham Cats