You can now get a real ‘swamp aesthetic’ with Lush’s new Shrek collection

Ever fancied smelling like a swamp? Course you have.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 22nd March 2024

For reasons that escape us that we neither need nor care about, Lush has launched a limited-edition Shrek collection and the marketing has worked already: we want it.

Yes, the British-based cosmetics brand has just dropped a new collaboration straight from the swamp and perhaps because it’s totally random and counter-intuitive to the whole ethos of the character, we suddenly have an intense urge to bathe ourselves like the famously filthy character.

Lush‘s new Shrek set includes everything from a body spray, ‘Fiona’ scented shower gel, a ‘Shrek Swamp’ bath bomb and many more.

There’s even a cute little Gingerbread Man bubble bar and fittingly-titled ‘Get Outta My Swamp’ shower slime (whatever that is) and we’re curious enough to try all of them.

Lush has launched a new special edition Shrek range.

Teasing the new items as an early exclusive for those who shop directly through the Lush app, the Dorset-born company have enticed customers by urging them to “embrace [their] inner ogre”, quipping, “There’s no need to look Far, Far Away”.


The officially licensed collab with DreamWorks Animations has products starting from £6 — the donkey bath bomb, specifically — and is already available here in the UK.

Our assumption is that the idea for this probably came from nothing other than the viral success of their well-timed Saltburn line earlier this year, which we’re still laughing about, to be honest.


As kitsch and gimmicky as it might sound on the surface, we have to admit it looks quite good if you’re into that kind of stuff, which we suspect a fair Shrek-thusiasts now are too.

Shrek is love, Shrek is love.

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So, if you fancy kitting your bathroom out with a load of green goodies or are just a massive Shrek fan yourself and will snap up almost every bit of merch you see (we know there’s plenty of you out there), you know where to look.

We’re sure that their bath bombs and scented sprays are just like onions: lots of layers and depth behind them — but we’ll leave that for you lot to find out.


Better still, no you have the perfect stuff to pack in your toiletry bag when you take your trip to the enchanted forest to stay in the Shrek’s Swamp. Again, we don’t have an explanation for you, but we don’t need one.

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Featured Images — Lush/DreamWorks