The Manc - Part of the Piccadilly Gardens wall is being demolished"

Part of the Piccadilly Gardens wall is being demolished

Piccadilly Gardens

Piccadilly Gardens might finally be changing for the better in news that will please everyone, everywhere.

According to Manchester City Council, part of the wall is definitely being demolished, which will hopefully trigger plans to demolish the rest of it.

Manchester Evening News revealed the news today which begins what is hopefully the start of a new beginning for the much-neglected area.

Piccadilly Gardens

Council officials have been bombarded for years over what is considered by most as a huge eyesore in the popular area of town.

Furthermore, the city's executive committee will now be asked to sign off almost £2 million worth of funding to inject into the Gardens.

It is said that a number of early improvements will be made to the area, with the wall being a huge priority.

Piccadilly Gardens

According to officials, the smaller part of the wall in-between the bus station and the grass turf will be the first to come down, as it is owned by the council.

We imagine once this is done, plans will be put in place to secure an agreement for the destruction of the remainder of the wall, which is leased by Cafe Nero and Tampopo and owned by pension fund Legal & General.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen at pace.

Piccadilly Gardens

What do you want to see happen to the Gardens? Let us know in the comments below.

More to follow.

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