The Manc - People pretending to be deaf are knocking on doors in Greater Manchester"

People pretending to be deaf are knocking on doors in Greater Manchester


People are claiming to be deaf and knocking on people's doors asking for money across Greater Manchester.

The alleged man and woman are knocking on doors while holding signs claiming that they cannot hear – before trying to sell drawings for money.

The story was originally reported to be happening in south Wales however there have been reports today of it also happening in Bolton.


It has also been claimed that white marks are being left outside the homes of some people after the pair leave and while actual crimes are yet to be committed, South Wales Police has had no choice but to investigate.

This is due to the amount of reports that have been made about the alleged couple – with the news also making it onto social media in its droves.

Speaking in the Stoneclough Community Group, Aaron Hickton from Radcliffe said: "Young lad knocked on ours - Ringley Road West - didn't ring the paper he handed me just said no sorry."

South Wales Police

Tracy Oxtober from Kearsley, Bolton said: "A guy knocked on my door at 3pmish. Had a note explaining he was deaf. I just shut the door."

Norman Dent from Bury even said: "He came last year as well."

Obviously, the identity of the individuals allegedly involved is still unknown. It is also unknown just how many people are involved – but with a police investigation under way, it shouldn't be too long until there is a lead.

In the mean time, if you see anything suspicious or have further information on this contact 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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