People think Corona lager is the cause of the coronavirus outbreak

Panos Sakalakis/Flickr

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, one brewery in Mexico is taking a hell of a branding blow.

A worrying number of panicked people falsely believe the cause of the disease is Corona lager...

In what can only be referred to as a tragic misunderstanding, internet users are searching for "beer virus" and "corona beer virus" on Google at an alarming rate - despite the illness having absolutely nothing to do with the drink.

Google Trends has also revealed a growing number of searches for "coronavirus symptoms", which are difficult to differentiate from the flu in their early stages.

The number of people affected by the new strain has grown to almost 8,000 - many of them in the city of Wuhan.

170 have died in China following the outbreak, and British people stranded in infected areas are being flown back home under quarantined measures.


One New Zealand bar came under fire this week for making light of the non-existent link between the virus and beer, posting an image of two men in hazmat suits with bottles of Corona.

The headline states: "Catch some Corona at house this summer. Just $6.50 while the pandemic lasts."

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