Police chief tells XR protestors to ‘stop being floppy’ as it’s a ‘flipping nuisance’

David Lally

A frustrated UK police chief has launched into a diatribe against “floppy” Extinction Rebellion (XR) protestors, labelling them a “flipping nuisance”.

Sir Stephen House, the deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has criticised the tactic employed by some XR campaigners – which involves going limp whenever they are approached by officers.

House called the tactic “a complete pain in the neck”, complaining that it makes police look as though they are using excessive force.

The police chief has now called on the protestors to “stop going floppy”.

“That might seem like a silly thing to say,” admitted House.

“But when we arrest them and pick them up, they go all floppy, which is why you see four or five officers carrying them away.

“It’s a complete waste of officers’ time, and a complete pain in the neck.”


House added: “If they could just behave like sensible adults. It is a flipping nuisance.”

“…I think the majority of the public would look at that and go: ‘For goodness sake, you’ve made your point. You’ve been arrested, the police are treating you perfectly fairly, just get on with it.’”

XR hosted a wide range of protests across the country throughout August Bank Holiday weekend – including several in Manchester.

Protestors occupied spaces in St Peter’s Square and also descended on Piccadilly Station, forcing road closures and delays to local services.

In response to the campaigns, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council Nigel Murphy stated: “Of course, we recognise the urgency of climate change.

“Manchester has one of the most ambitious carbon targets in the UK – working to become zero carbon by 2038.

“So, we understand the importance of encouraging the debate – but this should not be at the expense of local people.”

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