Police in Oldham seize cannabis farm with nearly 800 plants worth more than £1 million

Another day, another cannabis farm seize for GMP.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 19th October 2023

A cannabis farm that’s believed to be worth more than £1 million has been seized during early-morning raids this week.

After gathering intel on a number of properties in the Oldham area, police obtained warrants at two addresses in the Greater Manchester town this week, and executed raids that lead to nearly 800 cannabis plants being seized.

A whopping 772 cannabis plants were discovered and seized by officers who first raided an address on Collett Street in the Derker area yesterday (18 October), according to Greater Manchester Police (GMP), before the team conducted a second warrant on at an address on Quail Street earlier today.

At the first property, two men aged in their 30s were arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis, GMP has confirmed, then, at the second property, one male was detained inside the house on suspicion of the cultivation of cannabis.

These latest seizures brings the total street value of cannabis farms seized by the Oldham team in the past four weeks to over £4 million.


“Our work in the past month alone is testament to how well our officers are doing at rooting out this issue,” Chief Superintendent Phil Hutchinson from GMP’s Oldham District explained as he spoke on the seizures week.

“This is not a victimless crime.


“There is a web of organised criminality behind these recent seizures, but thanks to the community, we were able to conduct this warrant today, which led to a huge discovery.”

GMP continues to urge the local Greater Manchester community to report any information and concerns they may have in relation to cannabis cultivation.

Calling on the public for their help, Neighbourhood Sergeant Lucy Leicester added: “We will continue to act on your intelligence and the information members of the public share with us is vital in our teams taking actions such as this.


“Information from the public plays an incredibly important role in these warrants time and time again, so please let us know if you have any concerns about drug activity in your local area.”

GMP has also shared some information on how to spot potential cannabis farms.

If you’re curious to know whether a property near you is being used to cultivate the drug, then look out for a powerful distinctive sweet, sickly aroma, frequent visitors throughout the day and night, blacked-out windows, chinks of bright light throughout the night, birds gathering on the roof, particularly in cold weather, noise from fans, large amounts of rubbish including compost bags, and the electricity metre being tampered with.

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“Individually, these activities may seem commonplace,” Sergeant Leicester said, “however, together they may indicate something more suspicious.”

Featured Image – GMP