Pub branded ‘Britain’s wokest’ bans Thatcher’s, Heineken, Bacardi and Coke

Bosses have cited links to the slave trade, improper land and water use and human rights concerns as reasons for various bans

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 18th February 2022

A pub in Bristol has been branded ‘Britain’s wokest’ after its landlord made the decision to ban the sale of Thatcher’s cider, Heineken, Coca Cola and Bacardi at the bar.

The Red Lion in Bristol made the move after a campaign was launched in the city to boycott Somerset cider makers Thatcher’s.

Countering Colston, an activist group in Bristol, revealed last week that the cider company’s director and fourth-generation cider-maker was a member of a merchants’ society with deep links to slave trader Edward Colston.

After this came to light, bosses at The Red Lion said it would be ‘hypocritical’ to continue selling the cider.

They then also made the decision to ban Heineken beers, Coca Cola and Bacardi as the companies behind these products are also accused of maintaining unethical production practises around the globe.


Image: Thatcher’s cider

Criticism of the pub has come in thick and fast from culture warriors online, but bosses at The Red Lion are sticking to their morals on the matter.

Landlord Lemmy has spoken out, telling the South West News Service.: ‘We have taken what we consider to be an ethical stance — it’s part of who we all are.


‘We have been labelled “woke” and all these weaponised words, which have made us feel pretty vulnerable.’

“When we have taken the stance which we believe is ethical, we do not want to be made some kind of target.”

Elaborating on the pub’s decision not to sell Coca Cola and other products deemed unethical, he added: “We don’t serve Coca-Cola because they have a history of seriously bad use of water in third-world countries,” 

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The pub also does not sell Polish lager Tyskie, because of the company’s apparent links with the anti-LGBTQ movement.

It emerged earlier this month that Thatcher’s cider director and fourth-generation cider-maker Martin Thatcher has been a member of a merchants’ society with deep links to slave trader Edward Colston since 2012.

Countering Colston, an activist group in Bristol, launched the boycott-Thatcher’s campaign last week in protest at the Society of the Merchant Venturers (SMV’s) deep links with Bristol’s historical slave trade.

The activist group tweeted: “Martin Thatcher, director of the company, is a member of the Society of the Merchant Venturers.

“The SMV has deep roots in the historical slave trade in Bristol, and its members were responsible for the suffering and death of tens of thousands of human beings.


“They are a powerful unelected elite who have significant influence on political and civic life in Bristol.”

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