PutterBall is the new golf version of beer pong and people are loving it


Beer Pong is the one of the most popular and highly-competitive drinking games out there, but now there’s a new golf themed version and it’s already hit it off with sports fans during lockdown.

If most pre-drinks, house parties and social gatherings you’re at always seem to end up featuring a round of beer pong, then you’ll love this. Rather than aiming to throw a ping pong ball across a table and into a glass, how about ‘putting’ them with a golf club instead?

Well, that’s exactly what PutterBall is.

PutterBall is described as the “revolutionary new golf game that anyone can play” (we’ll just have to presume that’s anyone of legal drinking age, of course) and it’s proven so popular with legions of sports fans whilst being cooped up indoors during lockdown that it previously sold out online.

If you like the sounds of it though, thankfully there’s just been a restock, but you’ll likely have to act fast once again if you want to get your hands on it for your next get together.

According to the product description on the PutterBall website, this unique game challenges you to “putt your money where your mouth is” and “combines golf and beer pong to create hours of fun that everyone can enjoy.”

“From a low-key day at home to an exciting tailgate with all of your friends, this golf putting game is a must for every event.

“The full set of PutterBall comes with everything you need to make this golf putting game a success. Once you have the game in your hand, all you need is a few friends, cold beer, and all the makings of a good time”

Basically, the aim of the game is to putt your ball into each of the holes on your opponent’s end, and then cover each hole once you have successfully putted a ball into it.

The PutterBall set comes with two putters, a fake putting green with 12 holes – six at either end – as well as two balls and 12 hole covers.

It’ll set you back £140 and you can order it directly from the PutterBall website here.

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