Quarantine reads: The best free books available to download now

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Within weeks after being told to 'remain indoors unless absolutely necessary', it can feel as though the walls are closing in. 

But there's a simple trick to stop the space around you from shrinking.

Open a book.

Burying your nose in the pages of a novel does wonders for the mind - and it doesn't have to cost you a penny.

We've cobbled together a list of some of the best books available on Amazon right now for free.

Here are some of timely reads that ought to keep you ticking over during quarantine.

A Singularity

A thriller with shades of Black Mirror, Inception and Cloud Atlas, A Singularity by Damian Jones is set in a perilous world on the brink of environmental collapse, detailing the story of Selene and Mark as they embark on a journey to make a stand against the planet’s accelerating decline.

With topical themes swirling amid a fractious atmosphere, A Singularity has been described as "a real page turner", earning a series of rave reviews on Amazon.

It's available for free until Monday. Grab a copy here.

The Great Gatsby

The 2020s has got off to worst possible start. But you can live out the fantasy of the roaring decade that came 100 years before by indulging F. Scott's Fitzgerald's magnum opus The Great Gatsby - a seminal novel about a besotted billionaire (portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio in Baz Lurhman's film adaption of the same name).

Read Fitzgerald's classic here.

The Scarlet Plague

It's a little peculiar how appetites for post-apocalyptic art are on the rise right now. Perhaps people are just ingesting the likes of 'I Am Legend' and 'Contagion' to see what might be in store?

Either way, let's hope that COVID-19 doesn't evolve into anything like the Red Death - the pandemic that disintegrates the population on planet Earth during Jack London's gripping sci-fi novel 'The Scarlet Plague'.

It's a tough read, particularly in this climate, but one you're ever unlikely to forget.

Available here.

Robinson Crusoe

We might all be castaways at the moment - living life remotely. But at least we have our gadgets, books and technology for company.

The titular character in Robinson Crusoe does not have such luxuries. Following a shipwreck, he is left to fend for himself on a tropical island for many years in an amazing tale of survival and human spirit.

The book, written some 300 years ago, has served as a major source of inspiration for centuries. A must-read - and available for free here.

Bureau: Secrets Sold

This modern thriller has struck a chord with today's internet-savvy readers, forcing us to think twice about the type of information we so inattentively give away online.

Written by Guy W Galer, the book sees Agent Kari Kendall thrown deep into danger, as the information she has collected on people over the years tangled her up in a maze of unsettling exposure.

Get it here.

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