Queen Elizabeth II visits Coronation Street set in Media City

Her Majesty will meet a group of cast members inside the Rover's Return before heading to a second engagement in Manchester

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 8th July 2021

Queen Elizabeth II is in Greater Manchester today (8 July) visiting the set of Coronation Street.

Her Majesty arrived at the famous ITV Studios set in Salford’s Media City this morning around 11am and will meet with TV bosses there as part of her visit.

She will reportedly speak with Sir Peter Bazelgette, the chairman of ITV, and John Whiston, the managing director of Continuing Drama before taking a tour of the set.

Her Majesty will also be meeting some of Corrie’s longest-standing cast members during her visit – meeting the TV show’s film crew as she goes round to hear how the show has adapted its behind-the-scenes practices to enable it to keep filming throughout the pandemic.

ITV’s CEO, Dame Carolyn McCall, is also set to escort Her Majesty into Studio 1 to meet a group of cast members in the Rover’s Return, before the Queen heads on to a second engagement in Manchester itself.