‘Strong winds and heavy rain’ to batter Greater Manchester as Storm Gerrit arrives today

Wind and rain? In Greater Manchester? Well that's a new one.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 27th December 2023

Go on then, own up – who put another storm on their Christmas list this year? We’re going to hope no one said yes to that.

It might not be what we asked for, but unfortunately, it’s what we’re going to get.

It’s that awkward part of the festive break where the hustle and bustle of the Christmas days have died down, Boxing Day has been and gone, the new year is coming up, and nobody knows what day it is – but what we do know though, sadly, is that another storm is arriving today, and it’s set to batter the UK with some pretty grim weather.

Storm Gerrit was officially been named by the Met Office yesterday, and forecasters say it will bring “strong winds and heavy rain”, with “wintry hazards” also likely in some parts of the country.

With Brits told to prepare for the newly-named storm to arrive today (27 December), a number of weather warnings have been put in place by the Met Office – including two yellow weather warnings, one for wind and one for rain, covering most of north west England.


That means, as usual, Greater Manchester, sounds like it’s in for a bit of a rough time.

The yellow weather warning for rain means we should expect heavy downpours, with a potential for disruption to travel and a risk of flooding, while the yellow warning for wind is also forecast to bring travel disruption, and potential short-term power loss, among other inconveniences.


“Storm Gerrit will run towards western UK on Wednesday and bring with it potential impacts for much of the UK,” explains Frank Saunders, who is a Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office.

“Winds across southern coastal areas of England will be strong, possibly peaking around 70 mph on exposed coastlines, but more widely around 50-60 mph within the warning area.

“Rain is an additional hazard from Storm Gerrit, with active weather fronts leading to a wet day for many.”


Mr Saunders also added that snow is “likely to cause problems for some northern areas”, but this will only be briefly for a few upland routes across the Pennines and southern Scotland overnight and early on Wednesday.

For the rest of the UK, including Greater Manchester, it’s the combination of heavy rain and very strong winds that will “dominate”.

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Storm Gerrit will transition gradually to the North East late on Wednesday and into Thursday, according to the Met Office, and then, when looking forward to later in the week, forecasters say we should prepare for “further unsettled weather” is likely later in the week.

Yet again, strong winds, rain, and even some snow are expected across parts of the UK.

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