Independent Manchester restaurant hit outs at 30 Valentine’s Day no-shows

This is so gutting for a small restaurant.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 16th February 2024

An independent restaurant in Manchester has slammed customers who failed to show up for Valentine’s Day reservations.

Suki Suki, a small pan-Asian spot on Deansgate (which happens to be one of The Manc’s favourite lunch spots) said that no-shows are ‘extremely unfair’ on staff.

The restaurant posted halfway through Valentine’s Day service that they had already had 30 people fail to turn up for their bookings.

In an open letter to customers, they said that ‘moments like this are extremely crippling’, stressing the impact it has on staff tips, business revenue, and even wastage.

Suki Suki also said that their staff had sacrificed their day to prep for what is historically one of the busiest nights of the year for the hospitality industry.


They pleaded for people to be ‘respectful’ and to reach out to restaurants if they can no longer make their reserved table so that other people can take them.

Suki Suki’s full statement said: “Tonight’s been pretty disappointing with over 30 no-shows on Valentine’s Day and it’s not even the end of the evening.


“It’s extremely unfair on all hospitality staff that have sacrificed their day to prep and provide a service for a supposed busy night ahead to be presented with empty tables.

“This leaves staff with the loss of tips that a lot depend on, as well creating a lot of food wastage for the restaurant trade.

“Moments like this are extremely crippling for small independent businesses.


“Please be respectful and let your restaurant know you’re unable to come down with enough notice as it also allows others to replace those empty tables.


It echoes a similar disgraceful incident from Christmas, when Khandoker in Didsbury hit out at customers who didn’t turn up on Christmas Day, of all days.

The problem has been so bad in recent years that back in 2020 a nationwide campaign – No More No Shows – was launched.

If you want to help Suki Suki get back on its feet after such a disappointing Valentine’s Day, you can book a table or order a takeaway here.

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Featured image: The Manc Group