Greasy spoon institution Koffee Pot launches breakfast that’s so big people are struggling to put a dent in it

But we did – well, two of us, technically but still...

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 16th February 2024

Northern Quarter institution Koffee Pot has just launched a brand new breakfast plate, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The Oldham Street greasy spoon, which has been serving some of the best breakfasts in Manchester since all the way back in 1976, is proudly presenting ‘The Flopper’.

This monstrous new £28 brekkie features all the usual bits of a Full English, but multiplied. There are no less than six different forms of pork on your plate.

It’s so big, it spills over a normal place setting and is on a plate I’m pretty sure is actually a sharing platter they’ve nabbed out of their Aunty Shirley’s Christmas crockery collection.

Koffee Pot has never been one to disappoint with portion sizes – you only need to have ordered a full English or ‘Manc Muffin’ before to know that — but this thing is an absolute beast.


Thankfully, they called in the demolition crew, a.k.a. The Manc office, to give it a proper go. Good job we’ve developed massive stomachs in this job.

We’ve come across plenty of ridiculously large items on Manchester menus over the years but we’ll admit, this one was quite something.


A lot of the NQ might be more for brunching than good old-fashioned brekkies these days but this absolute unit of a plate is a reminder that there are still plenty of gaffs in the city centre doing the no-nonsense early-morning eats.

Here’s what you have to contend with: four rashers of bacon, two sausages, one haggis, white pudding and black pudding; one Lorne sausage, a big slice of spam; eggs, beans, tomato, mushrooms, fried bread, one tattie scone, two hash brown and four rounds of toast.

They also cut them in half so it somehow looks like more — don’t ask us how, it just does and we’re convinced it’s more mind games on their part but we refuse to be wobbled.


But we’re embarrassed to say we were well and truly defeated by The Flopper. It took two of us in the end, with Dean getting things started before tapping out and having to call in this wrecking ball (me) to finish things off. Between us, we got it done.

It’s also worth noting that it was utterly delicious and no matter how hard it got, we enjoyed every bite; it was also our first try of Lorne sausage (square Scottish slices of minced meat, rusk and spices) and Koffee Pot might be one of the select few places you’ll find serving white pudding in town.

Now, this isn’t technically a challenge and the only real prize is making yourself incredibly full, but having been among the very lucky few to have tried it first, it feels like you’re going into battle when you sit down to eat this. The question is, are you up to the £28 task?

Last but most importantly, the staff here are real grafters and always so sound no matter how busy they get morning, noon and night, so we sincerely hope some of you give it a go and even if not, you won’t be disappointed with your food, drinks or service.

We recently tried their new Birria Brothers specials and just like us on our bellies after just about managing to polish off The Flopper, they absolutely slapped.


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