Terrifying footage of tram crashes shared as drivers reminded to ‘pay attention’

A stark reminder to look where you're going...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 8th February 2023

On-board footage of collisions between trams and cars has been shared as a reminder to drivers to pay attention while on the roads.

Transport for Greater Manchester shared the videos to urge motorists to ‘be tram aware’.

It said that there were a staggering 91 collisions between vehicles and trams between April and December last year, most of which were caused by driver error on the motorist’s side.

The footage shared shows cars and HGVs pulling into the path of oncoming trams – which weigh about 40 tonnes.

Metrolink has warned that these ‘poor driving habits’ can put the driver, tram driver and passengers at risk of serious injury, as well as disrupting the entire tram network.


There are several places in Greater Manchester where trams and motor vehicles share the same space, especially at junctions and level crossings.

TfGM has also estimated that repair costs over the same period reached £1.4 million, most of which is recovered through motorists’ insurance.


Danny Vaughan, TfGM’s Head of Metrolink, said: “It’s vitally important that motorists remain vigilant when driving close to the Metrolink network, particularly where the tracks run on or along roads.

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“Our trams weigh 40 tonnes and have the potential to cause significant injury and damage if they are involved in a collision, so please take extra care when driving.

“In most cases collisions on Metrolink are due to motorists not paying attention, so we hope that by releasing this footage, drivers will be more tram aware help reduce the risk crashes and additional consequences such as the disruption to our customers.”

Featured image: TfGM