The BBC is increasing the price of TV licenses in April


The price of your TV license is set to rise this coming April.

The BBC has confirmed that the annual cost of the television license fee will go from £154.50 to £157.50 on April 1st.

The new monthly cost will equate to £13.13, or £3.02 per week. The cost of a black and white licence will also rise from £52 to £53.


While this price hike may not seem huge on the surface, it's worth noting that in 2018/19 there were over 25 million active TV licenses in force across the UK. You do the math.

The government sets the licence fee and announced in 2016 it would rise in line with inflation for five years from April 2017.

The price change will not affect the over-75 category, who have a free TV licence. Changes to that license will not be in place until the summer.


The move is part of a bid to save tens of millions of pounds, and was comes after an announcement this week that the BBC will be cutting 450 jobs.

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