The Council wants to widen pavements and reduce road width on these major Manchester city centre streets

Plans to make the city centre more "pedestrian-friendly" are now out for consultation.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 2nd February 2024

The public is being asked for their thoughts on plans to widen the pavements and reduce road widths on a handful of major streets in Manchester city centre.

It’s part of new pedestrian-friendly plans to improve the A34 Salford to Cooper Street corridor.

The stretch of road is one that runs straight through Manchester, and starts from the beginning of the A34 in Salford, right to the junction of Cooper Street – which is adjacent to the Old Town Hall and Cenotaph in the city centre. 

Bridge Street, John Dalton Street, and Princess Street and just some of the major roads which form part of the major thoroughfare.

Manchester City Council has described it as a “vital link” in the city centre’s highway network, as it includes several key destinations along the route – including the Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester Courts, and Salford Central railway station. 


This is why Councillors are keen to improve the stretch and make it safer for pedestrians.

As part of the Council’s long-term ambition for 90% of peak morning trips into the city centre to be made either by foot, cycle, or public transport before 2040 arrives, a wide range of options are now being explored on how progress can be made on that ambition over the coming years. 


Some of these suggested plans include providing more space on pavements for people to walk, widening of pedestrian crossings, new controlled crossings, improving bus stops by increasing space for people to wait, and overall helping public transport to flow more smoothly through the city centre.

Another one of the major potential plans put forward by the Council would be to reduce road widths and traffic speeds in a bid to encourage drivers to park and stop elsewhere.

Overall, the Council says it wants to create more “pleasant spaces” for people to spend time in and walk through to key city centre destinations.

It’s part of new pedestrian-friendly plans to improve the A34 Salford to Cooper Street corridor / Credit: Google Maps

“We have lofty ambitions on how we can make the city a vibrant and attractive place to work, visit, and live,” explained Councillor Tracey Rawlins, who is the Executive Member for Environment and Transport at Manchester City Council, as the plans have gone out for consultation this week.

“As part of that, we have to be bold in making changes which will help us improve air quality, as well as improve the experience of people who travel through the city centre. We are in the early stages of a developing a plan for the A34, so I would encourage everyone to look through our plans and make their opinions known to us.”

“Manchester city centre is for everyone which is why we want to hear from as many people as possible.”

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The public consultation on the A34 Salford to Cooper Street corridor is now live and open for people to have their say, both in person and online – with local residents, in particular, urged to share their thoughts on the proposed chances.

Find out more on the Manchester City Council website here.

Featured Image – Google Maps