The much-loved statue of an elderly couple in Ancoats has been removed

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 3rd February 2022

One of Manchester’s best-loved statues has been removed from its picturesque location in Ancoats.

The sculpture of an elderly couple has stood outside one of the terrace houses on George Leigh Street for at least a decade.

It’s one of Manchester’s most desirable streets and one of the only examples of traditional terraces in the city.

The statue of the couple on George Leigh Street in Ancoats. Credit: The Manc Group

And the old couple, who were frozen in time reading a book together with a cat curled up on the woman’s knee, have been

But local walking tour expert Hayley Flynn, better known as Skyliner, has spotted that the popular statue has now vanished.


Since sharing a Tweet of the now-empty front yard, locals have been sharing their sadness to lost this local gem.

One person commented: “One of my favourite Manchester landmarks. Sad its gone. Legendary.”


Another said: “Aw. My dog used to flip out every time he passed them. Every single time.”

It’s understood that the owner of the property has sadly died, with the statue presumably removed along with other possessions.

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The lifelike artwork was a comfort to some Ancoats locals during lockdown in 2020.

Steve Wright posted on Twitter: “When I go for my morning jog in #Ancoats #Manchester this statue of an elderly couple reminds me of a delicate kindness and community, that family has always been here.

“This last week it reminds us more than ever what that means.”

Featured image: Google Maps