The Souvenir director Joanna Hogg is hosting an ‘In Conversation’ at Manchester Film Festival

Joanna Hogg, director and screenwriter of The Souvenir, has been announced as a special guest at Manchester Film Festival. 

The award-winning filmmaker will be taking part in an exclusive ‘In Conversation’ event ahead of the UK premiere of Write When You Get Work.

Director Stacy Cochran will sit down with Hogg before the screening on Sunday 8 March to discuss the movie, their respective careers and the independent cinema scene at large.


Write When You Get Work - a New York-based romantic comedy starring Finn Wittrock, Rachel Keller, Emily Mortimer and James Ransone - tells the tale of a woman working in the admissions office at an exclusive private school. When she crosses paths with her high school boyfriend - he begins to infiltrate her life for love and profit.

Cochran, who was at the wheel for My New Gun, Boys, and Drop Back Ten, is also participating in a Q&A session hosted by Hogg once the premiere has ended.

Audience members will have a rare opportunity to ask questions about the movie and hear from two of the most vital voices in independent cinema today.

Tickets are available now, with prices covering the 'In Conversation', film screening and Q&A, with high demand expected.

Buy them online here.

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