There’s a new ‘giraffe’ cake at Waitrose and people are confused


Well we say giraffe.

Waitrose has just introduced a ‘Gerry the Giraffe’ celebration cake and it’s available to buy in stores across the country for just £13.

Now on the face of it, this doesn’t really sound like news does it?

Why has The Manc written an article on this? We don’t even have that many Waitrose up North.

You see, we think you deserve a bit of a laugh. R Gerry’s got a lot of people talking on social media and there’s a very obvious reason why. The thing is, and hear us out on this, it doesn’t actually look anything like a giraffe. Like, not at all.

Well, it doesn’t look like the giraffes in Chester Zoo, we can say that for sure.

Naturally, with the internet being the internet, a meme was born.


This comparison picture, showing Gerry’s uncanny likeness to a real giraffe, has gone quite viral.

It isn’t just a meme that’s stayed on social either, it’s even made it to the Waitrose official website with one consumer review stating:

“Made me laugh so much, whoever designed this has not seen a giraffe or any type of mouth ever!”

So that pretty much says it all really.

The cake itself does have 5* star reviews online though, meaning it must taste nice if nothing else, so Gerry’s got that going for him at least.

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