This is why dozens of new CCTV cameras have been installed at Manchester Victoria station

Northern has explained the reason for these increased security measures.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 4th March 2024

A whole host of new CCTV cameras have been installed throughout one of Manchester’s busiest railway stations.

A total of 86 new CCTV cameras have been installed and are now in operation at Manchester Victoria station, it has been confirmed, as part of a wider £750,000 scheme that’s set to provide “even safer journeys” for rail customers all across the North.

It’s all because Northern has vowed to improve CCTV coverage at the city centre station, as well as at dozens of its other stations on the network.

The investment programme, as mentioned before – which was announced by Northern last year – includes more than 600 new CCTV cameras at Northern stations, and is already proving successful, as the train operator revealed that number of ‘dangerous attacks’ recorded on its trains had fallen by almost 90% within the year.

There were 69 recorded ‘dangerous attack’ incidents in 2022, but just eight of them in 2023.  


Some of these incidents included trains being struck by objects thrown from bridges, railway embankments and stations, or trains colliding with ‘substantial items’ that were deliberately placed on the track. 

On top of these 600+ new cameras – including the 86 at Manchester Victoria – Northern has also installed 7,000 HD CCTV cameras on board its fleet of trains, and has invested £1.7 million in the roll-out of more than 1,000 extra body-worn camera kits to colleagues across its network – which takes the total number now in operation to 1,300. 


“We already have thousands of cameras at stations across our network and on-board our trains,” explained Craig Harrop, who is the Regional Director at Northern, following the installing of the new CCTV cameras.

“But we are adding more with this £750,000 investment to ensure customers and colleagues always feel safe.”

It’s part of a wider £750,000 scheme that’s set to provide “even safer journeys” for rail customers / Credit: Northern

Northern is also encouraging the Greater Manchester and wider northern public to report any anti-social behaviour witnessed to the British Transport Police (BTP) – with Mr Harrop adding: ” While CCTV often discourages criminal and anti-social behaviour, if offenders are caught on camera, police can also use the footage to bring them to justice.”


Anyone who witnesses criminal activity on the railway should contact British Transport Police by texting 61016 or by calling 0800 40 50 40. 

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You can also report crimes via the BTP ‘Railway Guardian’ app online too.

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