Drivers warned as more than 100 new ‘ultra’ speed cameras have been installed across Greater Manchester

They work in two directions and no longer flash at drivers.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 15th November 2023

Speeding drivers are being warned they’re more likely get caught as more than 100 new cameras have just been installed across Greater Manchester.

And they operate very differently to the speed cameras most of us are familiar with.

These new VECTOR-SR cameras – which are developed by Jenoptik, and have been funded through the Mayor’s Challenge Fund (MCF) – are designed to improve road safety, all while supporting Greater Manchester’s commitment to ‘Vision Zero’ and its ultimate aim of eliminating all road fatalities and serious injuries.

Like previous speed cameras across the region, these new ‘spot speed’ cameras are also painted an eye-catching bright yellow and will be in operation 24/7 – however, they do look a little different to the older equipment.

Unlike older-style cameras, the new ‘ultra’ speed cameras don’t require painted lines on the road, and also use infra-red low-light technology, which means they no longer ‘flash’ at speeding drivers.


Not only that, but unlike traditional cameras that only capture vehicles in the left-hand lane, these new cameras actually capture two-way traffic, meaning motorists are at risk of being caught speeding no matter what side of the road the camera is on, which is why they’re being urged to stay alert and keep an eye out for the devices across the region.

However though, contrary to popular belief, the cameras are only able to catch speeding drivers and are not processed using artificial intelligence (AI).


So while drivers can’t be caught on the cameras engaging in other offences, if they are caught breaking the speed limit, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is warning that they could be prosecuted for other offences, such as the use of mobile devices behind the wheel, and not wearing a seatbelt, in addition to speeding charges.

Superintendent Gareth Parkin, who works on Greater Manchester Police’s Safer Transport Team, said speed limits are put in place to “ensure our roads are safe”.

More than 100 new ‘ultra’ speed cameras have been installed across Greater Manchester / Credit: David Dixon (via Geograph)

He added that the new and upgraded speed cameras across the region will “ensure that drivers adhere to road speeds and do not engage in reckless or anti-social driving”.


Peter Boulton, who is Transport for Greater Manchester’s Head of Highways, added that “any death or serious injury on our roads is one too many”.

“Speeding is the leading cause of fatal road injuries which have a devastating impact on people’s lives,” Mr Boulton continued.

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“By investing in these safety cameras, we are underlining our commitment to Vision Zero, our ambition to reduce and eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roads, therefore making Greater Manchester a safer place for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists.”

Featured Image – Jenoptik / TfGM