Thousands tune in for latest Handforth Parish Council meeting


Thousands of people tuned in to the latest meeting between members of Handforth Parish Council – which once again descended into squabbling.

The council became a viral sensation this month after footage of the members quarrelling on Zoom in spectacularly over-the-top fashion was picked up by Twitter.

Clips of the virtual gathering were viewed and shared millions of times, temporarily turning participant – the stoic would-be peacemaker – Jackie Weaver into the most popular person on the web.

Media from around the country flocked to interview Weaver in the aftermath, who emerged as the breakout star for taking a defiant stance with exasperated councillors and humorously booting chairperson Brian Tolver out of the meeting when he claimed she had “no authority“.

The most recent get-together of the parish council took place this week (February 17) – and this time things were a little busier.

Thousands of members of the public and media personnel tuned in for the latest Zoom meeting, which was – much to the amusement of those watching – again packed with bickering.

Weaver was not in attendance this time around, and neither was Cheshire East Council mayor Barry Burkhill, who is facing a vote of no-confidence for his role in December’s meeting.

However, several other familiar faces were present – including Tolver.

Some onlookers had to be muted throughout the course of the meeting, as people interjected with quotes from the original viral clip such as “read the standing orders!”

Tolver was even asked to apologise for his conduct in the viral meeting from December. He refused to do so.

You can watch the February 17 meeting in all its glory on YouTube here.


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