Tweet criticising Manchester bee tattoos gets HUGE backlash

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A Twitter user who took to social media to criticise Manchester bee tattoos has triggered a huge backlash from Britons across the country.

Joan Meiners, whose Twitter handle is aptly named 'beecycles', posted the tweet on December 31 (New Year's Eve), and it has gained a lot of traction online in the last few days, generating over 17,000 likes and over 1,000 replies at the time of writing this.


The post reads: "I’m considering starting a freelance business where I offer to look at your bee tattoo design and tell you whether or not it actually looks like a bee. What do you think? How much should I charge?

"Taxonomically, these are all flies."

As expected, the tweet didn't go down too well, with hundreds of Mancunians and many other people from around the country stepping up to defend the iconic bee logo and its context in relation to tattoos.

As well all know, the Manchester worker bee is an emblem of the City of Manchester and wearers of it in any context, be it clothing or tattooed skin, don the emblem proudly as an identifier of being Mancunian.

The point, however, seems to have been completely missed here.

As always, the solidarity around the Manchester bee is as strong as ever and the response to this tweet has proved that just two days into a new decade.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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