Who remembers Manchester’s famous Dutch Pancake House?

Julian Brown

If you don’t, you really bloody should.

Do you ever just find yourself thinking of the legendary Dutch Pancake House?

Perhaps when you’re sitting at your desk pretending to work, or maybe when you’re staring into space during the break on Corrie waiting for it to come back on again? Here at The Manc, we miss it a lot and we just know we can’t be the only ones.

On the corner of Oxford Street and St Peter’s Square, the Dutch Pancake House opened in the 1970s, but it unfortunately closed its doors to the public back in the early 2000s and has now made way for the ‘One St Peter’s Square’ office building.

Look, they just don’t make them like that anymore. It was an iconic place.

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Traditional Dutch pancakes, or Pannenkoeken to give them their correct name, are a cross between a French crepe and an American pancake. They’re both thin and dense at the same time.

Of course, if you do want your Dutch pancake fix, you can get yourself some of those little fluffy ones at the Christmas Markets, but it’s not quite the same is it? And anyway, Dutch pancakes are for life, not just for Christmas. We want them all year round, just like it used to be.

If you’re reading this right now, wondering what the heck we’re on about and confused as to why we’re getting emotional over pancakes, then first off, we have to feel a bit sorry for you, but don’t worry, allow us to enlighten you - the Dutch Pancake House was one of Manchester’s most beloved gems and this is why.

Julian Brown

Right, so where do we begin?

Well for starters, the pancakes were massive and we mean that. You could get sweet ones or savoury ones, each with a wide array of toppings and they were all served on massive plates depicting traditional Dutch scenes. Also, did we mention they were massive? Well, they were. You never went hungry after eating there.

Don’t believe us when we say it was truly iconic? If our word just isn’t enough for you, then a simple search on social media backs us up right away. People have been sharing their memories and saying how much they miss it for years.

The Dutch Pancake House may be gone, but if us Mancunians have anything to do with it, it’s sure as hell never going to be forgotten...

Make us feel a little better by sharing your memories and photos of the Dutch Pancake House with us below.

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