You can now get a homemade colour changing gin kit


Queuing for a cocktail leaves you conflicted.

Part of you admires the bartender's memory and skill. But the other half of your brain is wishing they'd just put that final little herb in place so you can start sipping already.

But making great-tasting, good-looking cocktails at home doesn't have to be quite as complicated or lengthy as bar workers suggest.

There's a cheat sheet of sorts available on Amazon - an infusing kit that transforms the colour of your gin.


These kits let you create your very own concoction for dinner parties - transforming the colour of your ginĀ from purple to pink when added to tonic water.

Every starter pack comes with an instruction booklet, recipe for a colour-shifting crushed ice cocktail, bottle labels, and infusion ingredients.

Beats spending hours chopping plants and mixing liquids, eh?

Get your complete online at Amazon.

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