The Manc - You can buy 'Ma Cat's Oan Medication' mugs after Judge Rinder video goes viral"

You can buy ‘Ma Cat’s Oan Medication’ mugs after Judge Rinder video goes viral


Judge Rinder has been on screens for a while now but no episode has had quite as much viral success as one from earlier this week.

A clip appeared on social media on Wednesday of dog owner Sandra struggling to hold back laughter as her accuser and former friend lambasts her in front of the famous TV judge.

The dispute surrounds an incident involving Sandra's pooch and Nikki's cat. A rather intimate incident, might we add.

The feuding pair from Greenock in Renfrewshire, Scotland, stood in front of Rinder and argued the toss. Nikki says Sandra owes her £1530 in vet bills because, well, Gizmo got sh*gged a little too hard by Sandra's dog. Sandra, however, finds it hilarious.

"I'm not sorry - dogs will be dogs," she says through a smirk.

This was all that was needed for a perfect viral moment and the clip has since been seen by millions of people in the form of hundreds of individual clips across YouTube and social media. You can watch the video below to see it  for yourself.


In an attempt to take advantage of the golden moment, one Glasgow-based designer has waded in and created a 'Ma cat's oan medication' mug. Brilliant. It only costs a tenner, too.

You can view the mug here, and buy it, if you feel like it.

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