Inside the incredible £12.5m Saltburn-style Cheshire mansion

...does Jacob Elordi come with the house?

Isabella Norrison Isabella Norrison - 25th January 2024

There’s a massive country house currently for sale in Cheshire that’s so grand, it could easily have been the setting of Saltburn. 

Saltburn has been the biggest film of the last year, starring Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan and Rosamund Pike, and has been a huge – and very jaw-dropping – hit. 

The film follows wealthy student Felix (Elordi) who takes his new university friend Ollie (Keoghan) to his family estate – and spoilers do lie ahead… 

As the action unfolds, there are plenty of unexpected and shocking twists and turns, from slurping bath water to that grave scene. 

One of the unexpected stars of the film has been the property on which it was filmed, and if you too have a new-found appreciation for a proper British stately home (and happen to have a spare £12.5m lying around), we’ve found the house for you. 


This eight-bedroom Cheshire mansion also comes with three separate cottages, multiple swimming pools and its own gym and entertainment room. So there’s plenty of space for entertaining less fortunate visitors (just watch out for any shifty guest behaviour…)

This country home also includes a huge red-tiled pool which is strangely fitting, for anyone who’s seen the film.


Inside it boasts beautiful ornate decor which is a spitting image of the Saltburn mansion, with so many similarities, I’m half-expecting Barry Keoghan to jump out and start parading around with no clothes on. 

Outside in the grounds, the property even has its very own lake, which fits the Saltburn theme nicely.

The £12.5m pad has a huge private driveway with plenty of space for all your Lamborghinis and Ferraris, plus room to add a couple more to your collection.


The complex takes up more than 40 acres of land, and is surrounded by fields to reinforce that private luxury feel that the house gives. 

So if you have a house-hunting budget of £12.5 million and want to live up your Saltburn fantasies, then this mansion is for you. 

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Featured image: Rightmove