M&S is selling Salt & Pepper Squid

Seasoned seafood for summer.

The Manc The Manc - 24th June 2021

If you’re the kind of person who thinks salt & pepper seasoning can turn any average dish into something absolutely out of this world – it might be worth a trip to M&S sometime soon.

The retailer has added a product to its shelves which seems to have struck a chord on social media – particularly among those who love sprinkling takeaway spice over every possible type of food.

Customers have clapped eyes on Salt & Pepper Squid in M&S’ frozen seafood section – and it’s already generating a bit of a buzz on bargains pages online.

These seasoned rings are being sold in 340g bags – each covered in batter with a “zing of lemon”.

They’re ready to bang in the oven and should come out crispy and golden in as little as 14 minutes – making them ideal additions to any food platters you might be putting on over the summer.


The recommendation is to serve the squid with garlic aioli and lemon wedges, as well as a bit of fresh salad on the side.

Fancy giving it a go?

Salt & Pepper Squid is available to order online – with packets going for £4 a pop via Ocado.