Someone is selling the life-size animal lanterns from Manchester’s Lightopia festival

How did they end up there?!

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 28th March 2024

You can now buy yourself a life-size light-up zebra, as seen at Manchester’s huge Lightopia lantern festival.

In what is undoubtedly the most unusual Facebook Marketplace listing we’ve seen in a hot minute, someone is selling off a flock of the animal-shaped lanterns.

These huge glowing beasts flocked the fields of Heaton Park for several years as part of the Lightopia festival, which created beautiful installations in a family-friendly light trail.

Probably the most popular of all the installations every year were the animal sections.

Because who doesn’t want to be walking in the dark through the woods and suddenly be faced with a life-size illuminated bull?


Lightopia left Manchester for good in early 2023 (replaced last year by the Christmas at Heaton Park light trail, from the makers of Christmas at Kew), and we have actually been wondering what happened to all the massive lanterns that had filled the park.

Well, turns out they’ve ended up in what appears to be someone’s back garden in Bolton.


And now they could be yours, if you have a couple of hundred quid in the bank and an urge to have a big fake lion in your garden.

The animal lanterns for sale include a massive bull, a zebra, and a lion, though the lion’s rear end looks like it’s seen better days.

It’s not cheap to adopt a light-up wild animal though – they’re asking £300 each, but £350 for the bull, but are open to offers for a bulk buy, if you fancy starting your own very stationary zoo.


The listing states: “These were part of Lightopia who ran lighting festivals throughout the year.

“All have internal lights (which will need checking).

“They will need some maintenance some the thin like plastic covering split or missing built on steal frames.

“Collection only you need big van I know a van man to.”

Brb, off to bring home a lion with a hole in its haunches.

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Featured image: Facebook Marketplace