The Manchester zero-waste shop hidden down an alley in a garden shed

Its address is listed simply as 'The Alley'.

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 28th April 2022

Over in Levenshulme, there’s a person who’s set up a popular zero-waste store in their garden shed. – and we’re in love with how quirky it all is

Known to locals as The Sustainable Shed, the shop encourages residents to minimise their plastic use and impact on the planet, by creating a place where old bottles and containers can be refilled with eco-friendly products.

According to its owner, only a third of plastic packaging used in consumer products currently gets recycled every year.

But with a little neighbourly goodwill (and some help from his trusty shed), they are hoping to help change that.

Image: The Sustainable Shed

Accessed via a back alley, or ginnel, the shed’s address is simply listed as ‘The Alley’ – and when you pull it up on Google Street View, it can barely be seen.


It really is a place designed to be discovered, adding a bit of adventure to your sustainable shopping trip.

Making sure to practice what they preach, at The Sustainable Shed all products are bought in bulk and then returned to distributors to be recycled.


Venture inside, and you’ll discover walls full of refillable cleaning products, ethical shampoo, conditioner, and bathing products – including a large selection of the popular Faith in Nature vegan haircare range.

You’ll also find recyclable kitchen towels, laundry detergent sheets, and EcoZone soap nuts, the shells of which contain a natural soap, called Saponi, which creates a soaping effect when mixed with water.

Image: The Sustainable Shed

Elsewhere, you’ll find all sorts of eco-friendly personal hygiene products like shaving bars, exfoliating sheets, facial cleansing bars, and innumerable styles of soap.


Bamboo toothbrushes, jars of body butter, and various other lotions and potions can also be found in plentiful supply.

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Surprisingly full for such a small space, but not to the extent where you have to watch your step as you move around, you really can find everything you need here to help you live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life.

Open on the weekends only, pop down between 11am-2pm on Fridays, 11am-4pm Saturdays and 11am-3pm Sundays to get your eco fix at what must be the most unusual and quirky zero waste shop in Manchester.

Feature image – The Sustainable Shed