Curious mini Mancs called on to help fix ‘special machine’ at Science and Industry Museum

There's plenty of FREE events to get stuck into over the next three weeks.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 18th March 2024

Curious mini Mancs are being called on to head down to one of Manchester’s most-visited museum’s to help fix a “special machine”.

With schools across Greater Manchester gearing up have two-weeks off over Easter very shortly, leaving many parents, carers, and guardians with the task of keeping the kids entertained and educated at the same time, the Science and Industry Museum has, thankfully, just announced a wide range of events and activities especially for the holidays.

And a good chunk of the events planned over the next couple of weeks are actually open to getting involved with for completely free of charge.

The museum, which is based right in the heart of Manchester city centre, is giving families the chance to “spring into action” as it hosts a full programme of “curious contraptions, dynamic demonstrations, and immersive experiences” over the next three weeks.

Kicking off this Friday (23 March) and running right through to 14 April, the Science and Industry Museum is inviting “inventors and tinkerers of all ages” down to explore the world of magnificent machines during the jam-packed half term.


Some of the activities on the lineup include creating a giant marble run, experiencing the thunderous sounds of Greater Manchester’s historic mill machinery, and venturing on a mission to explore mechanics around the museum, as well the opportunity to visit the two of its most talked-about exhibitions that are currently running – Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You, and Power UP.

Machines are at the heart of many of the stories told at the Science and Industry Museum, which is why one of the most intriguing events on the Easter holidays lineup this year has to be the chance for young inventors to join the museum’s team of Explainers and “embark on a mission to mend a special machine” and search for pieces to help fix an engine.

Curious mini Mancs are being called on to help fix a ‘special machine’ at the Science and Industry Museum / Credit: Science Museum Group

Visitors can also “turbo-charge their tinkering” by experimenting with a giant up-cycled marble run created by Wild Rumpus, and “combine their creativity with the forces of gravity and friction” to build their own circuits and mechanisms. 

There’ll also be plenty of demonstrations of the museum’s historic textiles machinery over the next three weeks too, so visitors can be transported to the past and learn what life was like for Manchester’s factory workers in the Industrial Revolution and the roles that people of all ages played in the production of cotton.

And of course, if you still haven’t yet been able to make the most of the museum’s most-visited exhibitions, then this Easter is your chance to do just that.

There’s a jam-packed lineup of FREE events at the museum this Easter holidays / Credit: Science Museum Group

World-premiere exhibition, Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You, will be taking visitors on a digestive journey over the next three weeks, while the ultimate gaming experience, Power UP will also be open every day, with five decades of games to explore. 

Both FREE entry tickets to the museum, and charged-for tickets for Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You and Power UP, can be booked now on the Science and Industry Museum website.

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Featured Image – Science Museum Group